boarding-school-for-teensOperation Liberation (#Opliberation) has been going for some time now, exposing boarding schools that treat children badly, to say the least. Over the time there has been a fair few hits from many different hackers and teams in the name of this operation and one of the latest is the well known player Oak Creek Ranch School The schools website has been hacked and left with a message on the front page for its administration that reads:

Dear Oak Creek Ranch School, You make your money off the naive, the lazy and the misguided parents leading them to believe that you are helping their sons and daughters to be healed, educated and treated. Putting in place point systems to buy necessities as well as privileges and providing punishment and abuse to those who wander stray of them. In reality this doesn't treat or help them but instead lowers self-esteem. Simply expelling students that you can't control while keeping the hard earned money given by the parents. Parents reading this DO NOT send your child to any of these "treatment schools" nearly all are not certified(including this one), do not have qualified staff for treating or educating teens and do not get visited regularly by the safety advisors. Research and find out yourself, think before you act. #OpLiberation We are anonymous We are legion We do not forgive We do not forget Your should have expected us

The attack appears to come from anonymous hacktivist using the twitter handle @AnonAntidote and was announced about 10hrs ago and still currently defaced with the message. Also floating around twitter is a breif message that #GSEC, Grey Security have a list of over 100 targets in their sights. Earlier in the day , and were also attacked, being taken offline for a short amount of time from ddos attacks.