A group of hackers who are going by the handle NullCrew have earlier today released a dump of data that comes from the League of Nations Health Organization website (who.int). The leak was posted to pastebin and contains a message from NullCrew as well as a dump of 546 accounts that are in the format of username, email. The attack has been labelled for "pathetic health-care" but, in theory who.int doesn't directly deal with our every day health care so this has been looked upon as a misguided attack. Wikipedia explains a bit further about who.int , here Message in the release

Today is a big day for you, me NullCrew, and the rest of humanity. We hacked into the World Health Organization, and we're dumping all the user-data. This contains Emails, Usernames and Passwords. Reasons for this hack are because of the pathetic health-care. It's been decades, and our Health-Care system has never been what it should be. Thousands of people are dying just because of this. Either waiting in the waiting room for too long, or not being able to pay the extreme amounts to be cared for. We deserve better. Now NullCrew has taken one step forward to fight for our proper rights. And any government officials, if you're reading this, this is only the beginning. You can choose your fate, whether you want to be embarassed publicly or not. If this health-care plan doesn't change, neither will our habits. This is not just an operation for NullCrew, everybody should take part in this.