A member of Team Ghost Shell (@TeamGhostShell) has contacted us with a huge leak of accounts and other personal information that comes from a well known and widely used wall street based website. The site Itwallstreet.com was attacked by a member using the twitter handle @MidasBank aka Masakaki. In the leak comes a short message which explains this new team ghost shell based account will be taking sights on financial based targets only.

ITWallStreet.com is an online job source created in 2006 by Andiamo Partners, a prominent technical recruiting firm in the financial services industry. We invite IT professionals to come to ITWallStreet as passive or active candidates, and can perform searches, upload your resume, and apply for jobs with the utmost confidence that your search will remain confidential.

The leak was also announced via twitter from @MidasBank account. > MidasBank ‏@MidasBank Hellooooo, Wall Street owned: https://privatepaste.com/6d2938aeda  ||https://pastesite.com/39950  ‪#OWS‬ ‪#MidasBank‬

At the end of the leak release file there is also another note which makes claim they have further information which they plan to sell on the blackmarket.

Over 3000 resumes were held in by MidasBank to trade them on the black market. <3

The leak release file comes in 12 parts which are posted to privatepaste and pastesite as mirrors. the leak appears to be in the format of a complete large SQL database dump and contains userdetails such as names, address, phone numbers, date of births, emails passwords and other information. All passwords appear to be encrypted and total account leak is unclear but is claimed to around 50k. Leak Release:

Hello there! My name is Masakaki, part of the Far-Eastern Financial District of #TeamGhostShell. I'm here today to bring you all something fascinating, but before that, I should probably explain what's "MidasBank" and what does it stand for. GhostShell has been leaking left and right all kinds of targets, well we're here to bring some sort of order to it, which is why this district will function solely to provide leaks from an economical point of view, institutional and educational, but primary, it will focus on the financial aspect of things. With that being said, what better target to pick as a first release, than the place that puts all markets to shame in the world. Wall Street. IT Wall Street owned. Around 50.000 accounts compromised. The list contains both current, past, and rejected IT personal from Wall Street. The information is as detailed as ever with many other surprises in it. Please, enjoy. Part1: https://pastesite.com/39938 Mirror: https://privatepaste.com/8902091de0 Part2: https://pastesite.com/39939 Mirror: https://privatepaste.com/fdd34a962c Part3: https://pastesite.com/39940 Mirror: https://privatepaste.com/3d09d76efa Part4: https://pastesite.com/39941 Mirror: https://privatepaste.com/076898e24b Part5: https://pastesite.com/39942 Mirror: https://privatepaste.com/091f40f437 Part6: https://pastesite.com/39943 Mirror: https://privatepaste.com/af57ff9a72 Part7: https://pastesite.com/39944 Mirror: https://privatepaste.com/a7b7f50f8b Part8: https://pastesite.com/39945 Mirror: https://privatepaste.com/7497019141 Part9: https://pastesite.com/39946 Mirror: https://privatepaste.com/99d7d1add6 Part10: https://pastesite.com/39947 Mirror: https://privatepaste.com/f285051157 Part11: https://pastesite.com/39948 Mirror: https://privatepaste.com/3dc10560cb Part12: https://privatepaste.com/55d65f1f94 Mirror: https://pastesite.com/39949