9y97lg8rkgdk7du1u20e Anonymous Australia hacktivist have continued to leak data tonight. This leak comes almost right on midnight and is said to contain 180,000 records of data that has been obtained from the recent AAPT breach. The data has been modified so no personal information has been leaked from this but it proves they do in fact have the about of accounts that they claim. The leak was announced from @nas1gnal twitter account and was uploaded to two different locations that both have the same file which was named CLY_Table_Business.tar.gz. The leaked file comes as a tar.gz file which totals 7mb compressed and over 78mb when decompressed. > naSignal ‏@nas1gnal #AAPT#OpAustralia#Leak@YourAnonNews@AnonOpsSweden@AnonymousIRC@Par_AnoIA@Gardenslayer Last leak: 180000 records @Op_Australia naSignal ‏@nas1gnal #AAPT #OpAustralia #Leak @YourAnonNews @AnonOpsSweden@AnonymousIRC @Par_AnoIA @Gardenslayerhttps://www.axifile.com/en/730357353D  @Op_Australia #mirror

@nas1gnal also made note that they removed information from bank accounts, which is a real worry that these type of details have been obtained. > naSignal ‏@nas1gnal #Aapt #OpAustralia, We did remove parts of those bankaccounts, don't worrie ;)

Earlier tonite they leaked a partial leak of accounts and information related to them, this totalled over 130 accounts. They have also just tweeted to that a further 260k accounts will be coming shortly as well. > naSignal ‏@nas1gnal #AAPT #OpAustralia #Leak @YourAnonNews @AnonOpsSweden@AnonymousIRC @Par_AnoIA @Gardenslayer Another 263000 customer records coming up

Seems its going to be a worrying weekend for many AAPT customers and the staff at AAPT.