9y97lg8rkgdk7du1u20eLast 12hrs have had a big turn in the Opaustralia operation that is being carried out by anonymous australia hacktivist. The Operation has so far a heap of data which has been mostly censored but over night they appear to of leaked a lot more data. The latest leak comes in a few new files. few of which were uploaded to pastebin.com and the others are large csv files that contain over 300,000 account details with names, addresses, geo locations and other information. All leaks were once again announced from the @nas1gnal account and there has also been a list of leaks that have been let out from the APPT attack as well. The first text file contains over 3700 emails with other personal information, which has now been processed by ozdc.net so you may use that to check for breached accounts. https://ozdc.net/archives.php?aid=2795 It also has a further 100 or so accounts from the AAPT si team. https://ozdc.net/archives.php?aid=2796> naSignal ‏@nas1gnal #AAPT #OpAustralia #AllLeaks @YourAnonNews @AnonOpsSweden@Anon_Central @AuAnon https://pastebin.com/mVWY4Zdx  <- all leaks of today @SCMagazineAU

All the data that has been leaked has come from servers owned by Australian hosting provider MelborneIT.