ilva-we-do-not-forgive-we-do-not-forget-operai-cittadini-siamo-con-voi An Italian towns website has been attacked and left defaced by hackers. The attack was brought to our attention via twitter from twitter user @Rofl4All who announced the following. >  hacked @OpGreenRights @OperationItaly @Cyber_War_News @anon_n0n3

The website was still defaced at time of publishing and contained a message which is in italian but has been transfered below via google.

Today, when you enter the factory, will be about 8 am, but when will come out after dark. For you the sun, now, do not shine. (from the movie " The Working Class Goes to Heaven ") The ruthless logic of profit compels us to work to survive, and this in itself is inhumane, but no one can ask a human being to work to die. No one may use a person as a pawn to put pressure on policy in order to increase the profit. We know, and you know, like the Ilva steelworks cause terrible diseases. Let's look around: the municipal, provincial and regional left Taranto, are transforming the city into an open dump. In a few years 4 incinerators have been built. What future can we have in these conditions? WORKER! No one is morally entitled to ask you to sacrifice your life, not even your wife or your children. No ideal or material need is your existence. Workers, occupy the factory and sabotage every system! Ilva of Taranto is nothing but a camp that ravages the environment and affect the right to life. Forcing a man to choose between the salary and health is not only a deplorable blackmail, but also a very serious infringement of the right of every person to exercise a profession in compliance with the regulations (relating to occupational safety and environmental protection). We feel offended as People First: many workers risk their lives every day, poisoned by 'high toxicity of these places, to bring home a meager salary. We are strongly indignant as Citizens: this company does not care at all of its employees and does not put in place strategies and protocols to protect them. Workers! Opposite to the blackmail of those who force you to choose between the right to life and lowest salary the only sensible choice is to fight because at least every citizen, whether working or not having a monthly allowance that allows them to live in dignity. Every human being by the very existence is entitled to all the means necessary to its life and development of his personality. see the new declaration of human rights and animal ecosystem ( ) # DeclarationChan As can be seen the so-called " ethical code "of the company, the health protection is not only a duty but also an undeniable priority, as well as an inviolable right. Here are some excerpts from the document: 2.1 DIGNITY, HEALTH, SAFETY AT WORK AND EQUAL OPPORTUNITY: The Company protects the dignity, health and safety at work, through the application of all laws in force. The Company, having distinguished itself in the protection of human health and environmental protection, promotes and protects the health of their employees. 7.1.2 RELATIONSHIP TO HEALTH CARE: The company undertakes in order to protect the health of 'environment in which it operates, to conform their behavior to the health regulations and / or environmental regulations. In this regard, the Company confirms its commitment in accordance with directives issued by the competent local and national health authorities, a transparent and collaborative relationship with the authorities in the health sector is a guiding principle in developing its industrial and commercial programs. As is mentioned above These rights of protection to workers should be respected because it conform to the standards imposed by the company itself. Instead, as many testimonies and convictions suffered by the company confirmed, none of this exists: the story of Ilva is the story of a factory constantly manipulated by the claws of those who wage trades with poison to fatten their pockets. Already in 1982, the Director of the then Italsider suffered a conviction for "jet of dust"; twenty years later, the mogul Emilio Riva is convicted of the so-called "mineral parks", with a charge of dangerous things and jet violation of Article 13 of the PDR 203-244 in May 1988 and in 2007, the same Emilio Riva is convicted of extortion (blackmail employment) and Morris (INPS through the collection of contributions from the mobility assumptions), and both he and his son Claudio are banned from activities industry. We are faced with a lack of humanity and responsibility by those employers. The workers are forced to endless rounds, treated almost like animals, condemned to give up health. Respect and protection for the person must be a priority, not an optional extra. The culprits have poisoned the minds and bodies of those who were forced to live to work; have clipped the wings of employment sectors that would otherwise have found a luxuriant growth; have forced the inhabitants of a 'whole city to breathe the toxic accumulation of capital contemptuous of human rights. We are close to the families of those who has died, poisoned by the vile thirst unconditional profiteers. We are close to those who still struggle to survive and drag her illness every day, put back to the wall by a state which covers its dirty conscience with meager compensation, and behind the scenes tightens shady agreements with the owners. despise the work of those who, with their tentacles, has bestowed blackmail working and riding arrangements and derogations sown lies behind the laws on emissions: cashing in on the skin of Citizens, hiding behind bureaucracy and memoranda of understanding, is a form of legalized crime.

The attack has been carried out as part of the on going operation italy aka #OpItaly which has been targeting mainly government based websites over the past months.