80+ Australian websites hacked, defaced in less than 48hrs

Normally Australian based websites are not really a big target for hackers but more recently this trend has changed and many of the websites for business, personal and organizations are vulnerable to hacks. Over the past 24-48hrs there has been a fair few attacks on many different Australian based websites, some of which are hosted in united states. The attacks have comes from various hackers who are uploading the hacked sites to defacement archive zone-h. One of these hackers using the handle ByLenis has hacked and defaced over 60 sites in the last 24hrs and all of which we checked were still defaced which leaves you wondering if these sites are actually used or if the administration is actually doing the job the customer pays for. The hackers who have been carrying out these ByLenissud0xEGY VANDETTATheBuGz plus many more. List of sites attacked and message that appeared on each.TheBuGz

Hacked by JenKinZ of TheBuGz, Shouts out to all my niggers @ #TheBuGz, AIC, GFORCEPK, PHC, PCW, SilverLordsPk, Zombie_KSA, Agd_Scorp, XfaulZ, kiss-, WFD, FBH, everyone else defacing for some cause. Free off Palestine, Kashmir and things happening in Burma, Media should take notice of that. Cheers.

  1. madebymeeyainvitations.com.au
  2. luluspizza.com.au
  3. lisapicciau.com.au
  4. liquidink.com.au
  5. kookimoon.com.au
  6. mcvillasinitaly.com.au
  7. writeeffectresumes.com.au
  8. versatiledesigns.com.au
  9. vashtiperformance.com.au
  10. three103.com.au

EGY VANDETTAhillchurch1. castlepropertygroup.com.au
2. hillschurch.org.au
3. qldruralproperty.com.au
4. ourcitychiropractors.com.au
5. independentsteelcompany.com.au
6. nepalitranslation.com.au
7. www.spiceweb.com.au
8. solutionfocusedcounselling.com.au


ByLenis Was here

  1. visualresponse.com.au
  2. yum.com.au/
  3. zeitgeistfilms.com.au/
  4. tonymiller.com.au/
  5. thepoweroftheword.com.au/
  6. theceotranscript.com.au/
  7. svenic.com.au/
  8. studio101.com.au/
  9. sq1labs.com.au/
  10. staff.webflicks.com.au/
  11. spinachads.com.au/
  12. sbcc.org.au/
  13. plesktest2.netspace.net.au/
  14. patrickrowan.com.au/
  15. paraquadtas.org.au/
  16. opengarden.org.au/
  17. onw.org.au/
  18. n2n.vicone.netspace.net.au/
  19. midlandinsurance.com.au/
  20. leannewarren.com.au/
  21. langwarrinsoccerclub.org.au/
  22. knoxinternational.com.au/
  23. kadorgroup.com.au/
  24. juremont.com.au/
  25. jmrogers.com.au/
  26. jamesnelson.com.au/
  27. innerself.com.au/
  28. in-ex.com.au/
  29. iecpl.com.au/
  30. ibisimmigration.com.au/
  31. hexadec.com.au/
  32. handeze.com.au/
  33. gedye.com.au/
  34. garfunkle.com.au/
  35. furnituresolutions.com.au/
  36. francebonjour.com.au/
  37. flairofficefurniture.com.au/
  38. fabc.org.au/
  39. edenfoods.com.au/
  40. e-dm.com.au/
  41. dlarch.com.au/
  42. diagram.com.au/
  43. deerparkscouts.asn.au/
  44. deathsauce.com.au/
  45. dav.com.au/
  46. darlingproductions.com.au/
  47. crampbros.com.au/
  48. cricketworld.com.au/
  49. corporateprinters.com.au/
  50. colorectal.com.au/
  51. composites.com.au/
  52. clairesart.com.au/
  53. carltonaudiovisual.com.au/
  54. britex.com.au/
  55. brashertransport.com.au/
  56. ausbushcraft.com.au/
  57. beaut.org.au/
  58. baristacaffe.com.au/
  59. archbuild.com.au/
  60. aquabelle.com.au/
  61. amandaroach.com.au/
  62. adamcleave.com.au/
  63. allanbypress.com.au/

sud0xhacked-by-sud0x-hacker-saudi1. www.mddolderbuilders.com.au
2. dnn.beh.com.au

> Easy way to watch or see the latest defacement's from any particular domain is like this ( https://www.zone-h.org/archive/filter=1/domain=.au/fulltext=1/page=1 ) the sites advanced search allows u to do this but will require you to fill in a capatcha.

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Lee Johnstone

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80+ Australian websites hacked, defaced in less than 48hrs
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