opharpoon Yesterday was a busy day for Anonymous Australia hacktivist #DoktorBass who has kicked off a new operation which has been dubbed #OpHarpoon and an operation against whaling. The announcement for the operation was made over the weekend and by last night 10 sites had been hacked three of which have been left with deface pages as well as having data leaked.

Dear Faroes Island residents, We are Anonymous. We have targeted your community because of the illegal whaling that goes on there. We want it STOPPED. For too long this has gone on, and day after day these poor innocent animals are slain for money and food. It's a crime against nature to slaughter them in such a way, and it must END. These defacement's are stage one of our operation, There is more to come.

All the sites that have been attacked have TLD's for Faroe Islands and each of the hacked sites has had some sort of leaked data appear  on pastebin. The leaked data ranges from minor database information to user and administration account credentails. The leak was announced via facebook and in the leak came a small message.

Dear reader. What you are looking at is the results of me dumping (and defacing) Faroese sites for #OpHarpoon: an operation to attempt to try and stop whaling.

At time of publishing all defaced sites were still defaced. the leaked data contains a lot of user names and passwords and most of them are in clear text. One of the attacked sites has leaked over 1500 emails and passwords. List of attacked sites: https://www.lfb.fo - username/password all in clear text https://www.lfb.fo/baners/deface.html - deface https://www.transport.fo - admin name/password with encrypted passwords as well as unencrypted user names and passwords https://www.r2net.fo - admin name/password with encrypted passwords https://www.vevlistin.fo - admin name/password with encrypted passwords https://netavisin.fo - admin name/password with encrypted passwords https://www2.ras2.fo - usernames and passwords, unencrypted https://www2.ras2.fo/ras2fo/employees.php - deface https://www.nordcar.fo  - usernames and passwords, unencrypted https://nordcar.fo/default.asp?ID=2&SID=14 - deface https://www.sif.fo  - usernames and passwords, encrypted https://www.ven.fo  - usernames and passwords, encrypted https://old.ft.fo  - user names and passwords for admins and clients ,mix of clear text and encrypted passwords. Also 1500 user names, emails and encrypted passwords with salts. See all breached sites details on ozdc.net hack archives. https://pastebin.com/GrxwPJaj