Over the past months we have seen many attacks come from a hacker who was using the handle #DoktorBass and along the way we have seen many different country's and governments as well as company's and groups attacks as a result. some of the attacks that have been carried out by this hacker have stirred up fuss with the most recent one leaving a big dent in the legal whaling industry after hacking 10 Faroe Islands Sites. On the 21st of August 2012, DoktorBass disabled the facebook page, which was a main outlet for the attacks and released the following statement which explains why they are "leaving the anonymous scene". ========== Dear readers, Well, I give up. Honest to God, this is the end of my hacking/anonymous days. I just can't take it anymore. I fight for what i believe should be done, and there are other "anonymous" people saying that i shouldn't. They say that Anonymous doesn't give two shits about whaling. Well I do. I am Anonymous and i am against whaling, does that mean i shouldn't fight to stop it? Well if you were one of the people that said i shouldn't be wasting my time with whaling, i do not call you Anonymous. I call you stupid and ignorant. Never tell someone they can't fight for their beliefs. To the Faroe Islands residents, i am sorry if you got caught up in all this. I am still opposed to whaling, but i would like to apologize for what i've done to your small yet traditional community. (A lot of you also requested a written apology, well here you go.) I hope that you all get back into your daily routine, and that you, in time, stop whaling. You won't i know, but it feels better to hope for an end of it. I am sorry for all the trouble i have caused, and pray for your forgiveness. Same with all those other Scandinavian people who were offended by what i did. If you were compromised during this event, i am deeply sorry for it. If your website was hacked, i hope you also plan to patch the SQL injectable holes in your websites, so no one else gives you any trouble. I have deleted the leaked data, the dox will remain because it is not my work, and it is entirely legal. To the Prime minister of the Faroe Islands, if you ever see this, i apologize in general to your nation, i am aware whaling is legal in your country. To the people who wasted hours of their lives arguing with me, i hope you're happy and proud, because you won. From here i will go back to the old days when i used to enjoy programming. But believe me when i say i hacked for more reasons than activism. To me hacking was an anti-depressant, and was addictive at times. I do it at school, at home, whenever i have the opportunity i am picking out SQL injectable targets and exploiting them, but i'm stopping as of tonight. It's hazardous to my health anyway i suppose. To any police/security agencies watching me, i apologize for my actions and all the damage they have done. To the other people working with me on #OpHarpoon, i'm sorry for abandoning you like this. At least i got you all the media attention you needed, but you will have to find yourselves another willing hacker. Also to everyone that didn't know, I AM NOT LEADING #OpHarpoon. I am merely the hacker in all this, i didn't choose the Faroe Islands as a target, i didn't choose whalers as a target, i did what i was supposed to do: get all the media i could. And i succeeded with the leak reaching the top-trended paste in one day with 12,000 views. It's gone now though, so no point looking it up. To all the people i have befriended over my 8 month's with Anonymous, i'm sorry for doing this, and i'm aware of my usefulness, but it has to be done. I can't continue this anymore. To everyone else i hacked throughout my 8 month spree, i am sorry for my actions, and hope you will forgive me. I just want to continue living my life the way i used to: carefree. I don't want any of this trailing me and taunting me for the rest of my life. I am deeply sorry for my actions. I pray you just forgive me, then forget me. Sincerely, #DoktorBass ===== This message was written by me, DoktorBass, and in no way represents the views of Anonymous in general. If there is anything i have missed, i will come back and put it in. https://pastebin.com/Z6KN6aYh