Its that time again where @TeamGhostShell releases a huge amount of websites that have been hacked as well as a load of data that goes along with it. The announcement was made via twitter on saturday by the main @TeamGhostShell account and the main leak file contains a messages as well as a huge list of related links on various different paste sites. All together there is well over 100 but there is some more notable sites such as ones that run special services for the CIA, ones that have client plans with visa and other major credit and banking body's. Some of the mroe notable sites so are, hawkingtech and many many more. see full list here on The attacks have been dubbed "project hell fire" and come not to long after the same team leak thousands of accounts from hundreds of Chinese based websites. Leak message:

All aboard the Smoke & Flames Train. Last stop, Hell. You can have the pleasure of sharing seats with targets such as WallStreet, CIA Services, MIT, Consulting Firms, Political Advisors, Security Companies, Corporations, Weapon's Dealers, Laboratories, Internet Hosting Services, Academics, Banks, Police Departments, Aviation, The Navy, Stocks Exchange, Bonds Exchange, Markets, Emirates Organizations, Various Businesses, Hedge Funds, Estate Agencies, Public Affairs, Robotics, etc. Team GhostShell's final form of protest this summer against the banks, politicians and for all the fallen hackers this year. With the help of it's sub-divisions, MidasBank & the newest branch, OphiusLab. One million accounts/records leaked. We are also letting everyone know that more releases, collaborations with Anonymous and other, plus two more projects are still scheduled for this fall and winter. It's only the beginning. To conclude this summer's hacking spree, I will be giving away to anyone who's up for the challenge three different access points to three different groups/crews out there. It's our way of saying how great it's been raiding with you and let's hope that it isn't over just yet. The access-points are the following: 1. Six billion databases from a chinese mainframe full of chinese & japanese technology. It's very possible that it has from other countries as well, we haven't checked them all for obvious reasons. 2. Over 105 billion databases to a US stockexchange mainframe/s. It's very possible that the actual number is over 1 trillion, I wasn't prepared the first time and it gave me a memory error after 105 when it tried to add another digit. This job will require you to have at least 1TB available. 3. Access-points to 3-4 different servers belonging to the Department of Homeland Security. The sensitive information isn't that great but it may be good for street cred. Ok, that's all. Whoever wants any of them, you can contact me at voxanon. (make sure my nick is registered, there are many impostors out there). Oh, and people have kept asking me about the WallStreet hack from MidasBank. We have uploaded it once more here for you and it's also at our friends from Par-AnoIA. ( C ya all in the fall - DeadMellox

The leaked data contains everything from very minor database layouts to 20 thousand account leaks with usernames, emails, passwords and other personal information which ranges from names, address, phones and more. We have started to process most of the sites via so if you fear your account has been breached you can do a quick search on there to see if it has or not. within a few days we will have further details on these attacks, check back,. Other attacks by TeamGhostShell