police-uk-local-crime-policing-and-criminal-justice-information-for-england-and-wales A hacker using the handle @0x00x00 has just leaked a load of data from police.uk which is the main police website for England and Wales https://www.police.uk/. The hack was announced via twitter and posted to pastebin and contains server and database information that belongs to police.uk and 3 of its subdomains. > #OpFreeAssange https://www.police.uk  Pwned ! https://pastebin.com/raw.php?i=H3K8Br0n …@TruthIzSexy @TheHackersNews @BreakTheSec@cyber_war_news @YourAnonNews

www.police.uk* nt.herts.police.uk** www.nottinghamshire.police.uk* short message in the dump states that the hacker is not part of anonymous.

I am not a member of Anonymous Do whatever the fuck you want with this information i don't give a fuck !

The first lot of accounts belong to officers/users of the site and total 97 all with a common setup email and clear text password as well as other personal information. The second lot of data is from user logs and appears to be a list of logs from officiers looking into certian warrent files. The third contains officer contain details and the four is contact details for other places with England and Wales. Its amazing that this type of data was accessible considering that United kingdom police have been some of the main players in he fight agasint hackers and cyber security. All the data has been archived on ozdc.net hack archives. https://ozdc.net/archives.php?aid=3155 https://pastebin.com/H3K8Br0n