A hacker using the handle @0x00x00 who has been leaking data all week has just released a load of data from two banks after they were hacked. The hack is on National Bank Limited (nationalbanklimited.com) and Standard Chartered (standardchartered.com). The NAtional bank limited appears to be offline at time of publishing and this may have something do to with these hacks. The hacker has also released two images from the hack which shows the banks back end. 34sf5sxe67h2a The leaked data is 2 complete database dumps one from each bank. The leak was announced via twitter and posted to pastebin with 2 further links to dropbox for full database download here and here

  #BankOwnagenationalbanklimited.comstandardchartered.comPwned!pastebin.com/raw.php?i=8Wbb… @TruthIzSexy@BreakTheSec@Cyber_War_News@AnonOpsSweden

Each leak contains a few administration account details as well as load of other information, standardchartered.comNationalbanklimited.comhttps://ozdc.net/archives.php?aid=3179 https://ozdc.net/archives.php?aid=3180 https://pastebin.com/8WbbWqYJ