www-mi5_-gov_-uk_ Hacker @0x00x00 who has been attacking all sorts of stuff over the past week has just made claim to taking down the United Kingdoms Secret Intelligence Services websites www.sis.gov.uk and www.mi5.gov.uk.www-sis_-gov_-uk_ The attack was announced via twitter. > 0x00x00 ‏@0x00x00 #DnsFucked https://www.sis.gov.uk  https://www.mi5.gov.uk  @Cyber_War_News@AnonOpsSweden @TruthIzSexy @Asher_Wolf @[email protected]

At time of publishing the sites were still down and most likely will be for some time as the server administrators will most likely need to reset the server to get the sites back up.