pentagon The united states Pentagon is a high profile target for hackers and others wanting to know whats going on within the American government.  A well known hacker who uses the handle 0xOmar aka 0xO who was involved with the attacks on Israeli at the start of the year has leaked documents that they claim are from the pentagon. 0x0 has posted a paste to pastebin with a link to download a file called which contains 26 documents in PDF, xls and doc files that contain what appears to be the complete planning for a new naval base boat ramp and other buildings, how critical these are is unknown to us at time of publishing but it does raise questions as how these where obtained, if they were meant to be public or even of they are public. The leak was uploaded to serveral file hosts and has been removed from most of them by time of publish. Message in the leak file:

Leaked documents: U.S. Naval Base in Elinkine (Senegal): concept plans, geotechnical reports, demolition plans, construction details, dredging operations, wharf designs... CNTPO - Department of Defense Counter-Narcoterrorism Technology Program Office. Northrop Grumman - American global aerospace and defense technology company. AFRICOM - United States Africa Command.

File listing.

   Concept Plans A-C.PDFPDF File2.2  MB
   ELINKINE_WHARF_35.pdfPDF File3.3  MB
   Geotechnical Report - final version.pdfPDF File1.7  MB
   RFP - Seafarer TORP 212.docxMicrosoft Word Document298.8  KB
   Request for Proposal (RFP ) Seafarer TORP 212.docxMicrosoft Word Document45.2  KB
   SOW TORP 0212 PWS Boat Ramp.docMicrosoft Word Document128.5  KB
   TORP 0212 PWS Boat Ramp.docMicrosoft Word Document128.5  KB
   TORP 0212 OPTION C-BOAT RAMP / CNTPO Conflict of Interest (OCI) Form.docMicrosoft Word Document466.0  KB
   TORP 0212 OPTION C-BOAT RAMP / CNTPO Blank BOE .docxMicrosoft Word Document36.1  KB
   TORP 0212 OPTION C-BOAT RAMP / CNTPO Prime Contract Flowdown 04-19-2010.docxMicrosoft Word Document166.2  KB
   TORP 0212 OPTION C-BOAT RAMP / CNTPO TORP_Pricing_Instructions.docxMicrosoft Word Document24.9  KB
   TORP 0212 OPTION C-BOAT RAMP / Certificate Current Cost or Pricing Data TSF_C20-i (6-07).docMicrosoft Word Document33.5  KB
   TORP 0212 OPTION C-BOAT RAMP / FY2009.pdfPDF File1.8  MB
   TORP 0212 OPTION C-BOAT RAMP / R-2_Request_for_Quotation_Proposal_Instructions_Government_(R._03-11).pdfPDF File17.5  KB
   TORP 0212 OPTION C-BOAT RAMP / Supplier Travel Guidelines.docxMicrosoft Word Document14.3  KB
   TORP 0212 OPTION C-BOAT RAMP / TORP 0212 AFRICOM Senegal Travel Briefing.docMicrosoft Word Document87.5  KB
   TORP 0212 OPTION C-BOAT RAMP / TSF_C20-j Cost Acct Stds.docxMicrosoft Word Document292.1  KB
   TORP 0212 OPTION C-BOAT RAMP / TSF_S1-k Export Compliance Certification Form.docMicrosoft Word Document1.8  MB
   TORP 0212 OPTION C-BOAT RAMP / Template_TORP 0212_OCONUS Travel Request Form (DoD APACS).xlsMicrosoft Excel Spreadsheet28.0  KB
   TORP 0212 OPTION C-BOAT RAMP / Template_TORP 0212_OCONUS Travel Request Form (DoS eCC).xlsMicrosoft Excel Spreadsheet29.0  KB
   TORP 0212 OPTION C-BOAT RAMP / Template_TORP 0212_SPOT LOA.docMicrosoft Word Document50.5  KB
   TORP 0212 OPTION C-BOAT RAMP / bill_k_simpkins_costelli_com_Geotechnical Letter.pdfPDF File797.8  KB
   TORP 212 Boat Ramp - 35pct Design.pdfPDF File4.6  MB
   TORP 212 Boat Ramp Schedule.pdfPDF File26.9  KB
   TORP 212 Concept Option B.pdfPDF File1.3  MB
   Torp 212 site.jpg