Updated with statistics at the bottom. A hacker who uses the handle @s0lar has just announced a leak fo data that comes from the Collage of the main land websites databases (www.com.edu)

College of the Mainland was a beckoning vision in the minds of community leaders as far back as the early 1960s. The first concrete step was taken in October, 1966, when the College of the Mainland Junior College District was formed. The area of the College District encompasses 237 square miles and its boundaries are coterminous with the five independent school districts of Dickinson, Hitchcock, LaMarque, Santa Fe and Texas City.

The leak has been announced via twitter and posted to  pastebin with further links to the actual leaked data which is mirrored in a few places, one of them being com.edu own server. The leak it self is a 1.0mb zip file with 24 further files inside that contain raw databases from the sites servers. com-edu_leak_contents   We will start processing the data for ozdc.net shortly and will announce once its done with a total count of effected accounts, emails and other vital information if any.   Break down of accounts and emails found in the data. ce.sql = 2 email only comdit.sql = 287 student accounts with passwords only 144 are non duplicated communityresources.sql = 1 email only dropbox.sql = 25 user account details with passwords. employee.sql = 340 accounts with personal details and passwords linktracker.sql = 7 email only newsdesk.sql = 14 emails only rumor.sql = 10 emails only wordpress.sql = 266 emails, only 29 non duplicated with account details. Total of 553 from all files, 113 of them are duplciated meaning 440 valid emails found. https://ozdc.net/archives.php?aid=3328 https://pastebin.com/phdtr54Y