hacked-by-bangladesh-cyber-army A hacker who claims to be apart of the well known Bangladeshi Cyber Army has attacked a server and as a result they have obtained access to 1169 sites. The attack has left all sites hosted on the server defaced which shows that shared hosting is not always the best way to go, even more so when the system has exploits that allow all the sites to be accessed and defaced. The defacement has no real message to it besides a shout out to other members. The defacement is not a main index deface either, it is a html file named rexo,html that is being commonly shared amongst the sites. The company that has been breached is a Mexican based hosting company named Krystal hosting (https://krystalhost.com.mx/) and the server that was breached appears to be host2.krystalhost.com.mx. Partial site listing: 1. https://acelerasports.com/rexo.html
2. https://construacerodelcentro.com/rexo.html
3. https://construacerodelcentro.com.mx/rexo.html
4. https://acmenergia.com.mx/rexo.html
5. https://acusaproducciones.com/rexo.html
6. https://agenciaviajesparaiso.com/rexo.html
7. https://agricolacarstens.com.mx/rexo.html
8. https://aguachiles.com/rexo.html
9. https://aldiplacas.com/rexo.html
10. https://alianzaciudadana.com/rexo.html
11. https://alimentoperruno.com.mx/rexo.html
12. https://allegracaffe.com/rexo.html
13. https://alltourscancun.com/rexo.html
14. https://almacenamientos.com.mx/rexo.html
15. https://altusfusceconsultoria.com/rexo.html
16. https://alyssamilano-online.com/rexo.html
17. https://caboamigo.com/rexo.html
18. https://mesondelangelcabo.com/rexo.html
19. https://psiquiatrialoscabos.com/rexo.html
20. https://aoutletpconline.com/rexo.html
21. https://arcadia9.com/rexo.html
22. https://arrendamientosdelbosque.com/rexo.html
23. https://artesaniascolima.com/rexo.html
24. https://arteyvirtudmarcial.com.mx/rexo.html https://pastebin.com/CPWiV7Ci