hacked-by-maxney A hacker who goes by the handle of Maxney and is apart of Turkish Ajan Hacker Group has contacted us with information and data from an Italian based Asus website. The site was hacked and left defaced, thousands of accounts have been leaked as well as its complete database. This is not the first time Maxney has targeted big corporations,m with Siemens and Dominos being hacked in recent weeks as well. The website that was attacked is the Italian notebook based (notebook.asus.it/) site that has information on ASUS Notebook range as well as offering some online services to its clients. The leak has been posted to pastebin in 4 files that contain a bunch of user information such as names, numbers, address and company information totalling over 8000 all together. The database that has been leaked was uploaded to file sharing website rapidshare and contains sql and XML files, At time of publishing i was still unable to go through database leak but all emails from the pastebin part have been processed by ozdc.net so if you fear your account or personal details being exposed you may use Oz Data Centa's search to find out. Account leak details from ozdc.net The site that was defaced (https://notebook.asus.it/index.html) was still defaced at time of publishing. More information will be published as it comes to light. List of files that are in the database download are.

   asus_it_db / ManagementDB.mdbMDB File148.0  KB
   asus_it_db / SelectSurveyASPAdvanced.mdbMDB File704.0  KB
   asus_it_db / SelectSurveyASPAdvanced97.mdbMDB File344.0  KB
   asus_it_db / btsdb.mdbMDB File868.0  KB
   asus_it_db / dealer.xlsMicrosoft Excel Spreadsheet761.6  KB
   asus_it_db / dealer_event.mdbMDB File196.0  KB
   asus_it_db / gallery.mdbMDB File260.0  KB
   asus_it_db / lambo.mdbMDB File5.7  MB
   asus_it_db / lamboadm.mdbMDB File252.0  KB
   asus_it_db / password.txtPlain Text Document36  bytes
   asus_it_db / prova.xlsMicrosoft Excel Spreadsheet702.4  KB
   asus_it_db / rma_week.mdbMDB File1.1  MB
   asus_it_db / rma_weekcompr.mdbMDB File716.0  KB
   asus_it_db / rmagr008.xlsMicrosoft Excel Spreadsheet4.9  KB
   asus_it_db / rmaweek.mdbMDB File180.0  KB
   asus_it_db / school_survey.mdbMDB File236.0  KB
   asus_it_db / tracksite.mdbMDB File404.0  KB
   asus_it_db / week-sellout (BAK).mdbMDB File15.2  MB
   asus_it_db / week-sellout.mdbMDB File24.9  MB
   asus_it_db / weekly-inventory (BAK).mdbMDB File268.0  KB
   asus_it_db / weekly-inventory.mdbMDB File228.0  KB
Original message >  Turkish Ajan Hacker Group Hacked by Maxney notebook.asus.it web page: https://notebook.asus.it/index.html zone-h: https://zone-h.org/mirror/id/18380667 pastebin; https://pastebin.com/abktHmyG https://pastebin.com/h3JDkaFv https://pastebin.com/UFyYvLcN https://pastebin.com/i2Uukgwz download databases and XML; https://rapidshare.com/files/1426122928/asus_it_db.rar web page: https://www.Turkishajan.com Turkish Hacker Group Agent Maxney