bu-lgflag A Few months ago a hacker who uses the handle #DoktorBass was making headlines for breaches on whaling companies and other controversial targets which caused a bit of stir. Since then @DoktorBass had left the hacking scene and has now returned. Since the return of @DoktorBass they have now ditched using facebook and moved on to twitter but still using the same pastebin for posting leaks. Some of the recent  leaks are a bunch of Bulgarian sites which have amounted in a few thousand accounts being leaked. The main site effected in this breach is pazaruvai-lesno.bg and from that breach alone there is 4,454 total user login credentails as well as 9 system and admin logins. The second biggest data leak comes from www.superphone.bg and contains 797 accounts. The other sites are www.linkstar.bg - Archive www.technews.bg - Archive e-books.knigite.bg  Archive realvision.bg - Archive www.stconstantine.bg -  Archive If anything is like the past we are set to see many more breaches from DoktorBass over the coming weeks and its anyones guess as to who the targets will be.