images-1A relatively new hacker group going by the handle @GoatseSec has taken sights to one of the worlds most popular and well known TV presenters, Oprah Winfrey ( The attacks have come to light after @GoatseSec made the announcement via their twitter account. The said attack has not resulted in any critical data or useful data being leaked but it is showing that no matter who you are you could become a target for cyber attacks at anytime. @GoatseSec has posted a paste on pastebin with a short message and complete layout of the database behind The attack was done via a exploitable subdomain and we can confirm that this is indeed a true and real exploit. The message in the release states that they are not "kids" they are adults that have one main goal, to troll and disrupt websites with exploitable security problems.

Hello citizens of this sophisticated software known as 'internet' we're GoatseSec and we're here to tell you that we are not gone, and we are not washed up. Just know, we're still here, and always have been and will be, our false arrests have taken place our Domain password has been changed though, we cannot change the websites template or code into it. Also, we're not not 'mastermind' hackers we aren't hackers period we're just adults with a weird thrill and dosage of 'lulz' in other words, we love to troll the shit out of websites and their security. So with that being said we give you some parts of Oprah Winfreys database.

So there as you can see this attack has been doing for pure lulz and trolling.What's this got to say for the future of hacks, hackers and cyber crime... ill let you make a choice on that.