punto_peFollowing yesterdays large leak of tens of thousands of client details from a peru based (.PE) domain and blog service website the company PUNTO has now released a statement. In the statement they explain that the hackers @LulzSecPeru had not gained access to the clients current access keys and had updated all users passwords as soon as they found out about the breach. Badly translated statement here:

Communicate to the Public That the system. Pe is sheltered and domains. Pe are safe. None of the published keys used to access the Internet control panel users domains. Pe. Given the information disseminated on social networks illegitimate access to the database, the Punto.pe Indicates That some months ago I've Suffered a series of cyber attacks to undermine Sought That the security of the domain and the user information. Following These attacks redouble our Security measures to safeguard the information system and domain names. As an immediate measure was forced to change all passwords Immediately to avoid undue income. Domains. Pe, DESPITE These attacks continued, Were operating and always protected. The Punto.pe Maintains Security Policies to Protect, Maintain stable and functional domains. Pe so That All Have That communication tools allow information flow and Maintaining a free internet.

As stated in the above PUNTO plans to continue its operations while it figures this breach out which is a brave move considering they might be exploitable still and its clear that the system at one stage was. Original statement. if you can help us with a decent translation please tweet @ us or contacts us.