Turkish Agent Hacker Group member Maxney (@maxn3y) has just contacted us with an attack on the Red Cross's Thailand website and 7 of its domains and database. The attack is redcross.or.th and seven of its subdomains some of which have already been restored. The attack gave Maxney access to 42 databases for the complete red cross Thailand server. Over the passed few weeks Maxney has been making headlines with high profile attacks and if anything this will most certainly get the attention of mainstream media as its not the first time a red cross site has been hacked but is one of the bigger scale ones in recent times. Defacement: hacked-by-maxney_0https://zone-h.org/mirror/id/18506264 The leaked data contains administration logins and was posted to pastebin. The format of the leak ID, user_login, user_pass       user_nicename, user_email, user_url, user_registered, user_activation_key,user_status, display_name,spam,deleted Action. All user passwords are encrypted. https://pastebin.com/YEnfQP4V