nih_logoHackers have once again hit that all time low with yet another attack on a healthcare based website, infact its the parent website to the attack that was carried out just a few days ago by @LulzSecEurope who attacked which is controled and funded by NIH. The most recent attack comes from a hacker using the twitter handle @KillC0de and the leak was announced via twitter and posted to with a raw sql dump of well over 4000 login credentials for The leaked data contains usernames, emails and encrypted passwords and at time of publishing the itservicedesk website appeared to be unreachable for whatever reason. Attacks like this have to stop as they are affecting innocent people regardless if its a government based website or not. The level of maturity is shown when a hacker takes sights to places like this and that level appears to be somewhat the same of a 10yo kid on red cordial. The leaked credentials have all been processed by If you fear your account details have been compromised at any time consider using the search feature to confirm this.