tabasco-hoy-logoA large newspaper website Tabasco Hoy ( has been attacked by turkish hackers from the Turkish Ajan Hacker Group. The hacker who is using the handle RenaS1 contacted us with 2 pastes that total just over 7000 accounts. The reasons for this attack is unknown but could be put down to them holding this much information but not having proper security measures in place to prevent anyone obtaining them. > ***Tabasco Hoy*** is the largest circulation daily newspaper and prestige in the state of Tabasco , located in Villahermosa , regional coverage (surrounding municipalities of Chiapas , Veracruzand Campeche ) and formatted circulating tabloid .It was founded on December 1 of 1987 by journalist Luis C. Marquez. Currently its CEO is his son,Miguel Canton Zetina

The leak contains usernames, emails and passwords which are encrypted. If you fear your account has been compromised, ozdc has processed all data. pastebin;