logoThe #5Nov tag has been very busy today on social media and one aspect of it has been all the defacement's and now leaks. A hacker using the handle @m4rl4_12 has made two separate announcements that they have breached and leaked a large amount of accounts from sites. The first sites that got effected are Michael Geiss Onlineshop and customers from unclesam.de which amount to just over 40 thousand when all duplicates are removed. > iNtYlErWeTrUsT ‏@m4rl4_12 Michael Geiss Onlineshop Unclesam Customers (44172) Leakhttps://nopaste.me/paste/148967600550978379bf690 … @AnonNewsDE #5Nov

The second site that got breached is distributionz.com which is a hiphop music retailer and the amount of breached accounts from that is just shy of 20,000 from the 24,000 rows. > iNtYlErWeTrUsT ‏@m4rl4_12@Distributionz Customers (22838) Leakhttps://www.multiupload.nl/WPWM6YHOEJ  mirror: https://ge.tt/5Y3elxQ  @AnonNewsDE#5Nov

Archives and statistics: first leak: https://ozdc.net/archives.php?aid=3965 second leak: https://ozdc.net/archives.php?aid=3966  I have not yet completed process but will announce when its complete. All uploaded files are in csv format and free from any nasties.