anonymousAnonymous hacktivist have been working away in the background obtaining access to a few places and obtaining data that is being set for release very soon in the name of Antisec. The claimed has been posted by well known anonymous twitter account @AnonymousIRC who has stated that this is just a teaser. In the teaser file is a list of 60 credit card details that are claimed to belong to various government workers and that they have a "ton" more.

also for the lulz some credit cards from the awesome collections we have as usual, credit cards belonging to US govt officers and Law Enforcement shits spend all you want. there's ton more.

The leak also contains 5735 emails that are said to be from the colombian prison system that they claim was an attack that sabu had stopped them from doing before,.

we remember Sabu snitched our plans to gain control on colombian prisons. we remember quite well that strange server sniffing 24/24 all the traffic after he learned about the project. anyway. we lost some fun. we got some candy however. remember, remember. so here we go with a list of compromised mails look for them at the end of this text (they take too much place to drop them just here), so well we just finished parsing a trove of them and they'll be available soon today or something like that.

The more interesting target from this teaser is STRATFOR, who has once before seen what can happen when anonymous sets sights to one thing.


The teaser also comes with a tribute to jeromy hammod as well as a overall release note:

Tribute to Jeremy Hammond we share ideas sometimes through the voice of (if we are not bitching amongst us) so then there is where to look for news. Hi guise, so basically we are writing this pretty fast for many reasons most of them related to the Ouch-We-forgot-to-write-a-PR factor anyway. after all shit happened last months. retard FBI on full force to play down dirty shits, etc. Barrett Brown epically raided. CommanderX still fugitive sailing a fucking small boat to the north pole with just couple of canned meat (lol spam!), etc, etc so well lets do this quickly epic retard romney set to fight for a presidency which he's not capable of manage. Hurracane Sandy destroying everything, and like it usually happens people who have less are the ones more damaged. Assad still holding there with the support of Russia (well, we see those billionaires loans, so ofc russia will support him, they need him to pay) lets cross fingers someone manage to exterminate the bastard. so well, america is passing through a hard time now. so better we focus on other places too. checking back some notes from Stratfor times we found this shit:

So now its a sit and wait game to see exactly what data is going to be released. Teaser: