australia Well today has been very busy and its only going to get worse as hacktivist from all over the world are starting to come out dumping information and defacing hacked websites. These attacks are in relation to an operation that was kicked up some months ago and was set for 5th of November 2012, which is otherwise known as Guy Fawkes day. Earlier on today a few Australian based websites appeared to be under attack suffering defacement's. The websites did not appear to stay defaced for very long at all as it was middle of business hours within Australia most sites would of had administration working on them. there has also been a rise in defacement's from other countries and the rest of the world is coming to the 5th. So far we have only been able to confirm 4 of the sites that have been breached and 2 of that 4 had the same defacement.

Confirmed Sites

  1. Fremantle Arts Centre -
  2. Clinical Practice Guidelines Portal - - defaced with article addition.

UnConfirmed Sites:


Common defacement


Fremantle Arts Centre


Clinical practice guidelines portal

clinical-practice-guidelines-portal-news Message in the defacement

The Australian Government continues to push for new legislation and sell off Australian's rights to privacy, and our sovereignty. We want the Australian Government to answer Senator Ludlam and the Australian people on the US made TrapWire system as Anonymous puts forth proof of the connections between these private spy companies and the personal information of Australian citizens being misused and abused while these companies continue to deny the connections even after we have provided proof. The Australian Government continues to push for new legislation defined by policies focussed on corporate international interests. Not only does this legislation completely remove the presumption of innocence which all persons are afforded, it goes against one of the essential dimensions of human rights and privacy law: freedom from surveillance and arbitrary intrusions into a person's life. This Legislation proposes people are to divulge passwords, which could lead to self-incrimination. Should such a law be enacted it would undermine the right of individuals to not cooperate with an investigation. The proposal that ASIO would be permitted to 'add, delete or alter data or interfere with, interrupt, or obstruct the lawful use of a computer' could lead to some very serious consequences. When will governments learn that the Internet will never be controlled and we will not allow governments to trample on our civil liberties and our basic digital privacy rights? People of the world need to stand up now and draw a line in the sand to show that we will not stand idly by while governments sign our basic rights away. Our digital privacy principles We demand that: All information about individual citizens should be their own private property, while all information about governments and corporations should be public property. We should not be required to disclose information about ourselves unless there is prior public consent that the public interest in disclosing this specific information outweighs our right to privacy; while governments and corporations be required to disclose all information particular to themselves, unless there is public agreement that the public interest in withholding this specific information outweighs our right to see it. Each fact which we are required to reveal about ourselves should only be provided to the specific public body that requires this information; while each fact that governments and corporations are required to reveal should be made available to us all. No public body should pass information about any person to any other public body without that person's prior informed consent; while no authorisation is required to exchange information about governments and corporations. All information about individual citizens should be destroyed when it is no longer required; while all information about governments and corporations should be retained indefinitely in public records.

These attacks are said to go for a week or so and there is other leaks coming. The are also rumors that anonymous have leaked a huge amount of encrypted paypal passwords after a breach on its system hopefully we should be getting proof of this attack by tomorrow so we can confirm it.