Ecuador Military and Government and other sites Defaced For #5Nov

ulmxx Hackers using the handle @LulzSec_Ecuador have posted a few websites that belong to the Ecuador military and Government that got breached in the #5Nov cyber attacks across the globe that have been taking place. The attacks were announced on twitter and all contained a common defacement. > LulzSec_Ecuador ‏@LulzSec_Ecuador Ecuador Army  #Nov5@Cyber_War_News (site is error) (site is error) (site is error) All defacements had been removed at time of publishing. Some other sites that also got defaced in these attacks are as below and in the first article posted here.

Confirmed sites: (proof below)

UnConfirmed Sites: *Proof of confirmed sites is as below.*** **

Lee Johnstone

Lee Johnstone

Information Security Data Analyst, Investigative Journalist, Technology Lover, Mechanic.

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