hacked-by-maxney Over the past month the hacker scene has been fronted by a hacker using the handle Max Ney (@MAxn3y) who is apart of the hacker collective Turkish Ajan(Agent) Hacker Group. In these past few weeks they have targeted high profile company's like Pepsi, McDonalds, RedCross, domino's and others. Since then we have had a chance to speak with maxney and ask them a few questions in relation to hacking and the recent attacks. Below is a raw interview that has been fixed up for easy reading due to translation between Turkish and english. **Q: **How long have you been hacking for? A: 1 year dealing with Hack. Q: What was it that lead you to the hacking scene? A: Games played against us, disrespect, injustice. **Q: **Is your family aware of what has been happening in your cyber life? A: My parents do not have knowledge of. **Q: **What age bracket do you fall in? below 20, between 20-30 or above 30? A: Under the age of 20. **Q: **What was the intention of the hacking you have been involved with? A: Made us a response against disrespect. **Q: **What is the intention of the major recent hacks on pepsi, McDonald's, ASUS and red cross? A: Pepsi, McDonald's, U.S., Israel, the property, revenue up. The killing of innocent people's property, plant and having an impact. Therefore, this kind of usually attacking brands, and we want to draw attention to this situation. And there are mistakes made ??by us of these brands Coca Cola London 2012 Olympic Games Turkey on the world map, delete, his biggest fail. **Q: **So out of all the attacks you have carried out what are the most memorable ones? A: If you ask me none. But I guess it was the most popular among dominos. **Q: **Do you ever feel sorry/remorse for any of the targets that have been hacked? A: Been done to us with an answer to their apology is a response to wills is required. coca cola, pepsi ..., income, a weapon of war to kill innocent people, going back as a weapon Q: What about the public and innocent people that get caught up in the the breaches? A: To me Uraya infringement of innocent people, 1 The system of degrees result in a violation designers, system owners a lot of them are affected by these violations will affect innocent people, protect the rights of members in the company sue .. **Q: **Can you tell us a bit more about the history behind Turkish Agent Hacker Group? A: Founded in 2008, is a Hack, Security, Platform. Our Mission: https://www.TurkishAjan.com/misyon.html **Q: **Do you consider your self an "anon" or "Anonymous"? A: No, no one in this world role, take them as idols. **Q: **Do you have a message for all the followers that are interested in your hacks? A: Stay tuned. **Q: **Do you have any plans for upcoming attacks/releases? A: hack-man team is currently active. Attacks on the agenda, or have come from the past attack. Me for the problems Our Religion, Values, Disrespect to a Homeland, injustice, innocent people's murder, the main issues such as unfair determine the target See maxneys archive of breachs on ozdc.net or here