68ea4ce6e37d88558ac980f9e1b318a1A hacker using the handle @XTnR3v0LT who is apart of the hacker collective xLegion Hackers has been carrying out an cyber attack on many different websites in a operation that has been dubbed #OpLeak and was aiming to leak 50 databases to prove how weak security is but has since moved on to 1000 databases. Some of the most recent leaks and breaches come from some high profile websites. So far the operation has seen 86 sites attacked with at least database information being leaked and a total of 3053 accounts have been leaked so far as well. One of the recent targets has been Spains Pizza Hut Database, Kia Hing kongvalenciennes Toyota dealership and Azerbaijan Airlines. There have also been a run of education and congress based websites from around the world. Full details on Opleak here.