narkop updated with translation of forum text. A very popular Russian drug forum community Narkop ( has been hit by hackers who are against the site and its contents. The attack which has occurred around the 20th of November has left the complete database of the forum leaked which means that all 36,000 users who registered with the site. The attack has been claimed by anonymous hackers who have even made a website ( which is titled "AntiNarkop - anonymous против наркотиков" and translates to "AntiNarkop - anonymous on drugs". On the website is a search feature for the leaked accounts as well as links to the complete database, members list in XLS or HTML format, forum database and other downloads from the Narkop server. > Hacked largest narkoforum NARKOP.COM! Full database dump (engine IPB), dump passwords from November 20, 2012 are available on our portal. [132.19 Mb] (Count: 433) [2.02 Mb] (Count: 132) A replica of the site with all attachments, you can deploy the same forum in 10 minutes! [3.24 Gb] The basis of all the IP addresses of users and personal correspondence, including the admin!

The searchable list of members has a correspondence link which is a link to a list of personal messages sent by that user on the narkop forums. Its not often that forums like this get hacked and the data gets so well displayed for searching. IT also appears that the narkop forums and its users are aware of this leak and they appear to be panicking from what i can tell. It appears that messages and conversations on the forum by involve a fair bit of illegal activity and many of them are worried about IP address and are attempting to clean up the computers. Whats more shocking about the about is that they appear to be doing all this on a public face of the website where anyone can view the content and easy translate it with sites like Google. Translation of the forum thanks to @it4sec

There are lot of enemies on "Narkop". Not surprising. From offended people to fighters with "world narcotic evil". Unfortunately, usually it not very smart intelligent people. People, that unify all those who use even legal drugs with dumb narco-addicted criminals. Them do not understand, that legalization of drugs  sell is first enemy of narco-mafia in Russia. By making their actions, those people support this mafia structure, which responsible for killing narcotics users. Today group of those people cracked Users Database of Narkop. Those IP and email addresses, and by this action they violate law of private information. It looks like stupid, unconscious pre-pubertate behavior. And those words are very soft. Someone had to show, how big his penis is, and this is nothing more than that. Do Your conclusions, act appropriate. Panic is unnecessary, but You should make necessary actions. stats for