big-brother2 Today hacker @DARWINARE announce an attack on biotectix which left the site with a new news posting that had links to futher hacks and leaks and defacement mirrors. The two other sites that have been breached are VeriFi CCTV ( & VŠB-Technical University (/ and both are apart of the OpBigBrother operation. The leaks from each site have been posted to anonpaste and the leak from VSB contains 2 further files that come with the following message.

Many documents were dumped, however, most of them are written in Czech and needs to be analysed. For what we seen, it looks like some of the documents related to research in RFID suggest that it is possible to hide some of those devices within the buttons of clothes and other scaring things. We still need Czech speakers to analyze what is inside those almost 400 Mo of data.

Full release message for VSB here and full release message for Verfi here. The verifi leak also contains account data which has been processed by All leaked accounts appear to come from other major security company from around the world.