Leaked "confidential" PDF documents from private ITU meeting

ituleakfile Leaked documents from a recent ITU meeting have exposed possible usages of deep packet inspection methods in next generation networks. The leaked documents came to light a few days ago and have been posted to anonpaste.me with the following messages which gives a few hints as where to look for the information.

Here are LEAKED "confidential" PDF documents from private ITU meeting. The recommendations NEVER discuss the impact of DPI. A FEW EXAMPLES OF POTENTIAL DPI USE CITED BY THE ITU: "I.9.2 DPI engine use case: Simple fixed string matching for BitTorrent" "II.3.4 Example “Forwarding copy right protected audio content”" "II.3.6 Example “Detection of a specific transferred file from a particular user”" "II.4.2 Example “Security check – Block SIP messages (across entire SIP traffic) with specific content types”" "II.4.5 Example “Identify particular host by evaluating all RTCP SDES packets”" "II.4.6 Example “Measure Spanish Jabber traffic”" "II.4.7 Example “Blocking of dedicated games”" "II.4.11 Example “Identify uploading BitTorrent users”" "II.4.13 Example “Blocking Peer-to-Peer VoIP telephony with proprietary end-to-end application control protocols”" "II.5.1 Example “Detecting a specific Peer-to-Peer VoIP telephony with proprietary end-to-end application control protocols”"

The leak file is a 17mb compressed zip file that contains 3 pdf documents. ituleakfiles One of the documents appears to be a complete final draft (the 17mb one)  which has most of the important information within it.  If things like this actually do go into action it will mean that anyone's Internet can be monitored extremely closely and it would all be "legal" for them to do so which is absolutely absurd and a invasion of overall privacy. Source: Anonpaste.me

Lee Johnstone

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