datadefence A Self claimed leading IT security service website has become victim to hacking after hackers from a crew going by the handle @TheCrowsCrew gained access and left the site ( with a new main page. The attack has happened within the last few hours and was carried out by the crows crew member @catalyst71_RJA and it appears that the "IT security experts" at @datadefence  are totally unaware of the systems breach as at time of publishing the website was still defaced.

Data Defence is a leading edge IT services company providing innovative solutions and services to help organisations guarantee the availability and security of their corporate data.

Data defence appears to have partnerships with some very high profile company's such as Microsoft, Trend Micro, Webroot, SymantecCryptzone.Mimecast and Dell Appasure. So with the self claims of being a IT data security expert its any wonder how they have allowed this to happen but it might have something to do with using an outdated version of wordpress. All attacks by The Crows Crew can be found on Hack DB which in total is over 3000 archive mirrors of past breaches. The defacement on the data defence website has no real message but does has a shout out list and a embedded song. > Hacked by catalyst71 Just Test Your Security... MsconfiX | Sank_4L | ovanIsmycode | Gabby | walangkaji | Fee_lizi0ust k1t4r0 | 777r | don_ojan | ph_0vtL4w | adecakep7 | DendyIsMe | BeAstar [Mafia] ternak PK crew | YogyaCarderLink | Hacker-Newbie | ./BGHTeam/. INDONESIAN [contact me]

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