cdlogo Today @TeamGhostShell did a huge leak of data and one of the targets in this leak is a Defense contractor for governments. The company is drum cussac (, info below.

We are recognised experts, already providing bespoke, flexible and fully supportive solutions to a number of leading international companies, government agencies and private clients. We are committed to standards of excellence and while our established risk management practices have been operationally validated, we keep them under constant review, always seeking to remain ahead of the developing risk. Our reputation is based on a track record of successfully delivering results.

The data leaked from Drum cussac came in 6 parts and contains data from all the live and development databases. It appears that as a result of these attacks the Drum cussac website database is not connectible leaving the site offline, although the applications section was still working fine. The leak also contains a heap of user account information as well as some minor banking and related information. Total count is just over 5000 accounts with related emails, which all appear to have encrypted passwords. See who else got breached