aquilent Another Government Contractor from today's large breach dubbed #ProjectWhiteFox by @TeamGhostShell is a IT Solutions Provider named Aquilent ( Funny enough Aquilent appears to use the slogan "Innovating tomorrows government" which is a bit of a worry. Aquilent claims partnership with government body's and the IT services they run and these stretch from the to, military, army and many more. The leak of data from them comes from the news blog which appears to be running a older version of word press which probably would explain why they have been breached and why many of the partners they have also have been breached in the past from very simple attacks. history of Aquilent > Aquilent was built on a foundation of superior customer service. With over 30 years of experience, Aquilent today is the recognized leading provider of web-based solutions for the federal government. 1979: Founded as Century Computing 1998: Acquired by AppNet as a wholly owned subsidiary and Federal Division 2000: Acquired by Commerce One and remained a wholly owned subsidiary called Commerce One e-Government Solutions 2002: Divested from Commerce One and became a privately held company named Aquilent, headquartered in Laurel, MD Through the years, we have continued to grow our expertise and refine our processes based on demonstrated success. We remain committed to a cooperative approach that helps clients meet their goals.

The data is the complete news database and contains 32 administration accounts from staff at Aquilent, of coarse this is all encrypted but in the fashion of wordpress so its most likely very easy to crack. There was a further 1100+ emails located within the leak which come from comments and contact forms from people using the site.