opliberation Going way to 2011 an operation was kicked off to bring, in easy words,  attention to school camps that mistreat children  Since then the operation has moved along very slowly with not many cyber attacks happening over the time. Today an Anonymous hacktivist who is using the handle Leprecon has announced that they have breached the Gulf Coast Academy website and server (https://www.gulfcoastacademy.org) and as a result the administration account details have been leaked via pastebin. The leaked data only contains a few admin details which is expected as these school type operations often do not allow just anyone to have access to such services, meaning that only the "trusted" or workers who know what really is going on could possibly be within this data. The leak was uploaded to pastebin with a message about the operation as well as a video link to the operations video. The leaked data appears to be a raw SQL extraction with 6 administration credentials such as usernames, names, emails and encrypted passwords and data of births. One of the account sin the site appears to belong to staff from University of South Carolina

For years, teenagers have had to suffer from countless years of torture and brainwashing in so called "troubled teen camps." These include camps like Cross Creek in Utah, and Paradise Cove in Samoa. We will not stand for the abuse against these children, we will make sure all of the schools, and the sponsors who started these schools, the WWASP, will suffer consequences for their actions against the civil rights of the youth. The parents are persuaded by the camps to send their children into these evil institutions. The camps use excuses such as 'poor grades, antisocial children and possible drug addiction' to get them to turn their kids in. This is when the organizations have full control, abusing and neglecting the young people until their will breaks, leaving them unable to fend for themselves. 'Awareness of this must rise', more people must know the evils of these places... Or we will lose a generation

Also in recent times the @Opliberation1 twitter accounts has been coming under fire from twitter suspension for a whole range of reasons. Un suspending this account is not fun and its not really fair to have an account who speaks freely for the safety of children to be closed down. Follow @Opliberation1 on twitter or the #Opliberation hash tag.