cosmo-dearshirley-on-twitter As Anonymous makes its move on WBC (Westboro Baptist Church) for #OpWBC in light of the recent claims WBC have been making about the school shootings in america last week a hacker from the well known collective UGNazi has come out and left the @DearShirley twitter account hacked with links to petitions against wbc posted. > Cosmo ‏@DearShirley This account is now being ran by @CosmoTheGod#UGNazi#oops

For those who do not know, the DearShirley account is for the "lawyer or spokewomen" of WBC and they have been making some outragous postings that god sent the shooter to newton. cosmo-dearshirley-on-twitterf It also appears that the main @UG account has posted a tweet for the first time since two of the members were arrested a while back. > [email protected]dearshirley Dear Shirley, 514-70-9074Sincerely, @cosmothegod @joshthegod @shm00plol — UGNazi (@UG) December 16, 2012

There has also been a Video for OpWBC made and uploaded to you tube by various accounts, here is a copy of it.