shirly1 Westboro baptist Church spokesman or spokeswomen @DearShirley has come under attack over the past 24hrs for outrageous comments made about the recent school massacre in newton America. Yesterday hackers from @UGNazi obtained access to her twitter account and today they have announced they have control of her emails and as a result the emails and other personal information has now been leaked online in this on going attack on WBC. The leak was announced from @IonCuber twitter account, first with the announcement and a screen shot that the accounts had been hacked and that a leak was coming which shortly after was posted. > @youranonnews @ug @shm00plol @cyber_war_news Shirleys email hacked by @ioncuber Email dump coming!!… #UGNazi — IonCuber (@IonCuber) December 18, 2012

@youranonnews @shm00plol @cyber_war_news Shirleys email hacked by @ioncuber Email dump|… #UGNazi… — IonCuber (@IonCuber) December 18, 2012

The leaked data so far has been uploaded to anonfiles and is a zip file that contains a few emails to and from westboro. They have also leaked her Internet bill history via scribed in the form of a pdf file. > @youranonnews @shm00plol @cyber_war_news Shirleys Internet bill (: #Woops #LULZ #OpFuckWBC — IonCuber (@IonCuber) December 18, 2012

shirly2PDF Billing Statement