ebuyer_logo A hacker going by the name of Game Over @ThisIsGame0ver has contacted us with a bit of information a breach which happened about 5hrs ago. The breach is on a online buying website, EBuyer.com which according to Wikipedia has over 3 million users and is in the top 200 most visited sites within the united kingdom. The attack has been carried in the form of a XSS attack which has caused the server to do a redirect which it can not understand so it returns a 310 page  to many redirects) and is inaccessible. ebuyer Game Over has claimed the attack was done for not being sent a SSD ( solid state disk drive) intime. > WTF Didn't deliver my Damn SSD in time for my "event" - Fuck you @ebuyer - Tango Down ebuyer.com #GameOver — Game Over (@ThisIsGame0ver) December 19, 2012

https://www.ebuyer.com At time of publishing EBuyer had not made any announcement of this at all on any of the social media that have, twitter @Ebuyer and facebook.