gameover Earlier today we posted a article on an older attack that was on the CIA, how ever since then we have obtained a little bit more information  for confirmation purposes about this data and the breach behind it. The leak was originally put out exactly one month ago and tweeted on @ThisIsGame0ver old twitter account (@thisisgameover) before it was suspended and has also been posted on Anonymous Solvakia facebook page back then. The breach has occurred because a certain (unknown) CIA agent downloaded a infected botnet file which was apart of a large botnet and from there that allowed the hackers to obtain access to the laptop after they discovered it was owned by a CIA agent. So really once again an person who is in control of data and information is not be careful enough to prevent this from happening. earlier in the year there was claims that millions of apple device ids got leaked from very much the same method, unless agencies do something about security of laptops off site this is going to keep happening. Original Article