hp-china-rar-google-drive Today i posted a article about Hewlett Packard china being breached and as a result a dump of data had been leaked. The attack came from a hacker who uses the handle @Maxn3y and is apart of the Turkish Ajan hacker group. the leaked data was uploaded to a RAR file, when compressed was about 14MB. How ever since publishing it has come to our attention that some of the files in the leak are setting off virus alerts to most users. The exact files that are "infected" are in the folder under the following directly (HP China/tst.hp.com.cn /DATA xml /Print appointment card terminal software download/sacc). The leak has been cleaned up by an anonymous user and re uploaded to anonfiles.me without that directly and it no longer is infected. The leak data contains Thousands of account details from people who have registered at the Always on sub domain. The accounts are spread across 22 files that vary in size from a few KB to a few MB. The actual data from each account list file appears to be a tiny bit different each time with mostly Emails, telephones, usernames and other personal information. All accounts are currently being processed by OzDc.net. Results below. Full list of files in the archive can be found in the below gallery. If you are a client of HP China i suggest changing your credentials asap. https://ozdc.net/archives.php?aid=4410 Gallery: