islamic-network A hacker who goes by the handle @th3inf1d3l has posted a leak to that contains well over 17,000 breached accounts from the Islamic network site ( The attack is part of an ongoing operation named #OpFuckMohammad which has been going for some time now and mainly been carried out by @th3inf1d3l. The leaked data has been uploaded to in the format of a compressed rar file that contains the complete database extraction from the site in CSV format as well as a file with the 17,000 found emails. The databases that have been breached appear to be content management systems and phpbb forum system with all administration accounts being leaked as well. Source: Contents of the zip file

   adminuser.csvCSV File2.1  KB
   article.csvCSV File3.6  KB
   audio.csvCSV File3.5  KB
   audio_part.csvCSV File809  bytes
   bookmark.csvCSV File24  bytes
   category.csvCSV File21.5  KB
   category_item.csvCSV File567  bytes
   contacts.csvCSV File13.9  KB
   edawah_member.csvCSV File1.6  MB
   emails.txtPlain Text Document338.0  KB
   event.csvCSV File99  bytes
   event_alert.csvCSV File24  bytes
   event_people.csvCSV File14  bytes
   featured.csvCSV File72  bytes
   file_store.csvCSV File9  bytes
   forty_hadeeth.csvCSV File773  bytes
   general_prefs.csvCSV File33  bytes
   hadith_abudawud.csvCSV File1.0  MB
   hadith_bukhari.csvCSV File917.9  KB
   hadith_muslim.csvCSV File50.1  KB
   hadith_muwatta.csvCSV File32.8  KB
   item.csvCSV File96  bytes
   item_type.csvCSV File73  bytes
   mosques.csvCSV File68.6  KB
   person.csvCSV File12.4  KB
   phpbb_auth_access.csvCSV File160  bytes
   phpbb_banlist.csvCSV File36  bytes
   phpbb_categories.csvCSV File75  bytes
   phpbb_config.csvCSV File1.3  KB
   phpbb_confirm.csvCSV File28  bytes
   phpbb_disallow.csvCSV File31  bytes
   phpbb_forum_prune.csvCSV File41  bytes
   phpbb_forums.csvCSV File646  bytes
   phpbb_groups.csvCSV File144  bytes
   phpbb_posts.csvCSV File154  bytes
   phpbb_posts_text.csvCSV File43  bytes
   phpbb_privmsgs.csvCSV File198  bytes
   phpbb_privmsgs_text.csvCSV File52  bytes
   phpbb_ranks.csvCSV File79  bytes
   phpbb_search_results.csvCSV File35  bytes
   phpbb_search_wordlist.csvCSV File41  bytes
   phpbb_search_wordmatch.csvCSV File29  bytes
   phpbb_sessions.csvCSV File168  bytes
   phpbb_smilies.csvCSV File1.3  KB
   phpbb_themes.csvCSV File866  bytes
   phpbb_themes_name.csvCSV File1.0  KB
   phpbb_topics.csvCSV File170  bytes
   phpbb_topics_watch.csvCSV File32  bytes
   phpbb_user_group.csvCSV File44  bytes
   phpbb_users.csvCSV File1.1  KB
   phpbb_vote_desc.csvCSV File51  bytes
   phpbb_vote_results.csvCSV File53  bytes
   phpbb_vote_voters.csvCSV File35  bytes
   phpbb_words.csvCSV File26  bytes
   quote.csvCSV File18.7  KB
   recount_categories.csvCSV File107  bytes
   recount_choices.csvCSV File1.3  KB
   recount_iptopolls.csvCSV File13  bytes
   recount_polls.csvCSV File1.0  KB
   reguser.csvCSV File82  bytes
   schedule.csvCSV File52  bytes
   sendcard.csvCSV File644  bytes
   show.csvCSV File2.5  KB
   universities.csvCSV File12.8  KB
All accounts are being processed by and should be finished shortly. if your account has been found from a breach i urge you to update your account credentails on the target site and any other site you may of used similar details. Merry Xmas.