logo The official school website of National examination council (NECO) nigeria(www.necoschools.com) has been breached by the hacker collective 'NIGERIAN CYBER ARMY SQUAD.22' and defaced with a message.

"We must never ever Remain silent against this Corrupted Government In Nigeria. Enough is enough No Light, No Roads, No Water, No Health Care, No Education, No freedom of Speech, Bad Governors, Bad Senators, Bad Rep. Members, The Police and Army are used against innocent people. Innocent boys and girls have turned Kidnappers, Scammers, Fraudsters, Armed Robbers, WE Must STOP THIS!! WE DID NOT FORGIVE . WE DID NOT FORGET WE ARE ANONYMOUS WE ARE LEGIONS The Revolutions continue ---======____"

the-power-of-nigerian-cyber-army At this time of writing the site is not yet restored According to @TeamNca The hack was the starting of #opBlackXmax Alot of website will be hacked 25/12/12 the hacker collective said. > @cyber_war_news our biggest deface will be tommorrow expect us — NIGERIAN CYBER ARMY (@TeamNca) December 24, 2012