@YourAnonNews aka #YAN has been a dedicated news outlet for a very long time now, with not only following news on cyber events they have been helping out spreading the word of events across the world that range from war to protests to simple story's that just need to be heard. @YourAnonNews has become a very well known, if not famous name within anonymous and the overall online community and now they are letting you have a chance at spreading the storys, breaking events or images you wish to. With over 700K Followers who are very active, YourAnonNews is very helpful at getting that word out there. Without accounts like this a lot of breaking storys would go unseen until its to late or most likely not even be seen at all. You can come and chat with them on the Voxanon IRC network via webchat or if you prefer client use https://voxanon.org #YAN.