zensis_logo2 A mobile technology company has been attacked by hacker @GameOverVirus who recently has been on a leaking spree. The breached mobile company is Zensis.com, a mobile technology company that has been creating custom applications since 2003 for some very high profile clients. Zensis has had clients like vodafone and they display partners with Microsoft, Nokia, yahoo and next media plus many others. The leaked data has been uploaded to a recently hacked server which was a part of an recent article about the Anti Obama website being breached. Leaked data it self contains a heap of user credentails as well as IMEI numbers, serial numbers for software, paypal records and more. zensis_imei The account data does appear to go back to 2007 and stops at 2009 so it may be old data but eitherway stuff like this should either be deleted or kept secure. https://ozdc.net/archives.php?aid=4437