logo Anonymous hacktivist from around the world have been laying sights on Westboro baptist church (WBC) in an operation dubbed OpWBC. Today is a day they plan to have an all out attack on WBC with a website opwestboro.com being released with a countdown, links to HOIC (newer LOIC), web chats and ability to upload evidence of attacks. The website is calling for anyone to attack with the given HOIC package, which is from past events known to be effective but also effective in securing attacks IP's for the authorities to use in which case we advise strongly to anyone doing this to think it threw before they hit that button. The site also has a information and updates page with the latest stating that they have turned off the sites and blocked many phone lines to attempt to prevent this mass planned attack.

As was predicted, the WBC has taken down their pages, blocked many of their phone lines, and completely turtleshelled after our Dec 21st raid. As most of you know, this second attack has been planned and executed in secret, and is most likely not expected. We will need everybody to come into the IRC channel below for the most up to date info and targets.

In recent weeks we have seen constant attacks on WBC by hacktivist from all over the world resulting in data leaks, personal leaks, defacings, account takes and much harassment towards them from many groups and people all over the world. There has been a main twitter account made for the Operation with updates and information being tweeted, follow or watch @OpWBC.