greenseclulzsub Anonymous hacktivist fighting for an operation dubbed #OperationGreenRights @OpGreenRights has contacted us a few days ago with a data leak from two Brazilian based government websites. One of these sites is actually the Power Plants of northern Brazil home and the other is the Ministry of Environment which has been targeted in the past. The attack has come with a simple message from the hacktivist

Anonymous #OperationGreenRights-#Occupy Belo Monte - Is the time to reply to this charge: Crimes against the humanity: ethnic cleansing

The data leaks were uploaded to anonfiles in compressed format with complete site dumps. The leak on Eletronorte found a total of 453 accounts with emails as well as some other data which is server related as the the Environment ministry was very much similar data but only 199 emails with accounts were detected. Eletronorte power plants Environment ministry