y-satansec @SatanSec has been at it again, defacing another website and leaving it with a new page that is a joke. The only difference this time is the joke page is dedicated to another group of hackers who use the name @NaziGods who have been recently making claim to some attacks and causing a bit of stir within the hacker community. The joke defacement was on https://www.chemtrust.org.uk CHEM Trust and the joke is under the file/page name "Male Reproductive Health" and goes on to have the below message dedicated at @NaziGods At time of publishing the site defacement was still active but if ti gets removed here is a text copy of the message. https://www.chemtrust.org.uk/Male_reproductive_health.php

A SatanSec publication on @NaziGods Faggotization Disorder (NFD) Nazis under threat: NFD and the potential role of exposure to Twitter Faggots in the Faggotization of Hacktivism This briefing highlights the trend in deteriorating male reproductive health among @NaziGods and the links with lulz/reality disrupting Twitter-based Faggotry. It also has a comprehensive visual display of the Faggot that is associated with the disruptions. In our research, it has been evidenced that @NaziGods Fag-Aura™ is so powerful that over 9000 cocks have VANISHED from Twitter in the last month alone. We directly attribute the deteriorating condition of lulz/reality to the Faggotry of fake bitches such as @NaziGods who corrupt the scene with hype and hysteria thus transforming "hacktivism" into an episode of Judge Judy. We are starting to see the condition spreading from account to account. More and more “fan boys” are starting to worship this false idol. The cheers “your awesome bro” and “keep it up” being tweeted to @Nazicunt are known symptoms of NaziGods Faggotization Disorder. In conclusion, we are uncertain as to the prognosis of the @NaziGods Faggotization Disorder, though we remain hopeful that people will at least begin asking for evidence of such claims as: *We hacked the FBI *We hacked Mayor Bloombergs email account *We are more than just one person with a microscopic penis and history of child abuse at the hands of dirty gypsies in circus side shows NFD is a serious outbreak which could soon lead into an epidemic of cuntish proportions. We are seeing a direct link with the increase of this cunts ego and the spread of NFD. Please, do what you can to stop the spread of this dire condition. Visit www.NaziGods.cunt and DEMAND the following: *Proof *Proof *Proof When inevitably no proof is given the only known remedy we have is to Tweet this phrase: “@NaziGods Fuck you, you fake cunt.” MAKE SURE YOU CLICK ON THE LINK BELOW :-D Click to Download Full Report