Spree of hacked & defaced sites by @officialHmei7

google Almost exactly one year ago a hacker who uses the handle handle Hmei7 on Zone-h deface archives breached an Australian Asus server and left it defaced. How ever since then Hmei  has gone onto deface over 130,000 sites and recently come onto social media giant twitter @officialHmei7 with a constant string of deface announcements. > Hacked: shoopin.net.br/x.txt | fernandotavares.mus.br/x.txt | voice.art.br/x.txt | analicefernandes.net.br/x.txt | artebrilhomoda.com.br/x.txt — Hmei (@officialHmei7) January 2, 2013

Hmei also announced a reminder to those who have not been following the attacks last year, They had successfully breached a Pakistani google server and as a result the main Google images domain (https://images.google.com.pk/) for Pakistan was defaced. > To all my new followers, I hacked Google Pakistan once. Proof: zonehmirrors.net/defaced/2012/1… - This is a mirror. — Hmei (@officialHmei7) January 2, 2013

Some of the sites from the last 20hrs are below. 1. ayher.com.br/x.txt
2. https://www.licenciamentodesoftware.com.br/x.txt
3. https://www.sunvision.com.br/x.txt
4. https://www.mackcolor.com.br/x.txt
5. |https://onoticiario.net.br/x.txt
6. rafaelsanziodosanjos.com.br/x.txt
7. |https://www.relevoimperial.com.br/x.txt
8. |https://www.hal9000.com.br/x.txt
9.  |https://www.institutoscala.com.br/x.txt
10. |https://www.southsouthbposummit.com.br/x.txt
11. neuroint.com.br/x.txt
12. |https://www.osmiki.com.br/x.txt
13.  https://www.pe-az.com.br/x.txt
14. https://www.escoladesapateado.com.br/x.txt
15. |https://tocadacoruja.com.br/x.txt

See all of Hmei7 Breaches on Zone-h or on twitter @officialHmei7

Lee Johnstone

Lee Johnstone

Information Security Data Analyst, Investigative Journalist, Technology Lover, Mechanic.

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Spree of hacked & defaced sites by @officialHmei7
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