home-page-sciences-and-exploration-directorate Hacker @D35m0nd142 has today announced a breach on a NASA sub domain server that has allowed access to the sites databases. The attack is on the Goddard Space Center Science sub domain (https://science.gsfc.nasa.gov) which provides details about the Science that is going on at the center and the results and information that are a result of this research. The proof of the attack was uploaded to pastebin with a list of database tables as well as a few images to backup the claim. D35m0nd142 has claimed to be able to bypass the firewall but has also stated they will not publish any critical data and they have waited for the bug to be fixed before publishing to prevent any damage to the system.

Admins have been warned and helped immediately and the bug has been fixed some days ago (I've personally tested the website) . Before publishing the news,I wanted wait the bug was fixed, in respect to the admins. I haven't done and I will not do any type of damage. This attack hasn't any malicious purpose. I've just listed some tables and most important columns of this database in order to demonstrate the big and dangerous vulnerability, not for fun. As anyone can see, there are a lot of interesting and sensible informations that could have been taken and exploited by malicious attackers and ,for this reason,this bug needs to be repaired as soon as possible. It is possible to view that last connections to the website are firewalled, but this web vulnerability allows an attacker to bypass simply all firewalls.

In the past D35m0nd142 has carried out many other attacks but unlike many other hackers they do not leak critical data and a lot of the administrators are notified before anything is published publicly. Gallery.